Take Courage

Take courage, dear friend, you WILL come through
Though dark the days, God cares for you
Though deep within, you may feel it’s the end
Your heart that is broken, the Saviour can mend

He knows of the depths of your sorrow and pain
He’s there to uplift you, again and again
He knows of the times when you’re feeling blue
Take hold of His hand ~ outstretched for you

Take courage, dear friend, look up to the King,
Through Jesus, our Lord, this battle you’ll win

Just lift your voice and give Him praise
He’ll bring you through ~ you’ll be amazed!

Copyright 2018 Christine V. Mitchell

Published by

Christine V Mitchell

Christine is a poet and author and enjoys sharing her inspirational poems of faith, hope, comfort and encouragement. Her prayer is that you will be blessed and uplifted. She also shares her poetry on Facebook - christinespoetrycorner, and her website - expressionspoetry.com. See "Books" for details of Christine's poetry books ~ available from Amazon and other retailers. God bless you!

2 thoughts on “Take Courage”

  1. Beautiful poem Christine 👏🏼👏🏼 I love these beautiful words and I know they will bring comfort to many. I can think of some right now. Such an inspirational piece to give people hope in Christ.
    L O V E L Y 💝 xxx
    Sent from my iPhone

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