When The Sun Shines


When the sun shines
it beautifies,
refreshing our eyes.

Like a gentle tide,
memories flow
of precious days gone by,
the growing years,
loved ones, special places,
precious moments,
different faces.

Joyful sounds abound as
children play, their day
full of new discoveries.

Hearts are cheered
and smiles appear
as grey gives way
to azure skies above
and all around us

Love blossoms,
two hearts share;
fragrant scents
fill the air.

Radiant rays
beam through lofty

Warm crimson sunsets
close glorious days;
twilight haze
paves the way
for starlit skies.

Thank you
dear Lord
for the beautiful
gift of gold!


© 2014  Christine V Mitchell

“Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is
for the eyes to behold the sun:…”

(Ecclesiastes 11: 7a KJV)

 This poem is also published in my book
Forever Grateful, Inspirational Poetry
by Christine V Mitchell
(Available from Amazon)

5 thoughts on “When The Sun Shines

  1. Christine,

    You are a great poet. This is sincerely the essence of God’s beauty….in creation.

    Wanda J. Burnside, Founder and President, Since 1995 Write the Vision Ministries and Media Productions International

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    Thank you,

    Write a REVIEW!

    Founder and Publisher, THE LAMP NEWSLETTER Current and Past issues online

    President, THE CALLED and READY WRITERS http://www.thecalledandreadywriters.org


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  2. Another beautiful work of poetry!

    I can sense SUNSHINE as I’m reading this gorgeous poem! 💛💛💫

    So lovely Christine!!! Your work is always beautiful and so glorifying to the Lord. 🙏

    L O V E 💛

    Sent from my iPad


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