At The End of The Day



At the end of the day,

when skies are dark,

in the quiet of night,

as silence fills the air;

before dreams

are deep as the ocean,

forgotten at dawn;

let’s remember,

let’s give thanks

to our Father, God;

always watching over us,

night and day –

never slumbering,

never sleeping;

always listening

for our prayer;

always being there,

our burdens to bear,

His love to share.

Thank You, Lord

for Your tender care


© 2014  Christine V Mitchell
Published in
Forever Grateful Inspirational Christian Poetry
(available from Amazon)

5 thoughts on “At The End of The Day

  1. Thank you. This is so lovely!

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  2. Dear Christine… This is so poignant and beautiful… Like having a reflection time looking back on the day and seeing how God was there all throughout our day…. I truly LOVE this poem. It’s one of my favourites, maybe the favourite! But there are so many of your lovely poems, it’s hard to choose! I just love these words below…….

    > never slumbering, > > never sleeping; > > always listening > > for our prayer; >

    Amen! YES, this is our GOD!! 🕊 All my love always Sandra xox 💖

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