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                                 Christine V. Mitchell

Welcome  dear friends and thank you so much for visiting my blog!

It gives me joy to share from my heart the poetic inspirations God has given me. For most of my life, I was not a keen lover of poetry as such, but there came a time, after God had brought me through several difficult life experiences, that God’s overwhelming love opened a door within…and poetry began to flow.. and I had to write. As I was being blessed, so I wanted to share and bless others too. I’m thankful for this opportunity and pray that something, within my simple words of expression, may help uplift and encourage you and help brighten your day.

“There’s a love that’s like no other.
It’s a love that’s from on high.
There’s none like it in this world,
the love of God for you and I ….”

These are the first few lines of one of my poems entitled “There’s A Love” and it’s about this precious love of God that I love to write and decided to create a blog.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour in my teens and on that day began to experience this love – unknown before – a love that accepted me as I was and gave me new hope and purpose.

The Lord has been my strength and comfort throughout life’s many challenges. I’m so very glad that His love is the kind that looks beyond our faults, sees our needs and reaches down to lift us up. I’m continually awed by the wonder of it . He is the source of my inspirations and I give Him all the glory. I love the Lord for Who He is and all He has done.

I am a pastor’s wife and God has blessed us (my husband, Frederick and I) with 4 wonderful children (all grown!), 2 lovely daughters-in-law and two amazing grandchildren. God has brought me from a long way and I hope one day to be able to write my biography.

In the meantime, by His grace, I hope to keep sharing as He blesses me (whenever I can). At times, as life happens,  it’s not always easy finding time, but I hope to share more often, Amen!

I invite you to check out my BOOKS page for details of my two new books of inspirational poetry – Forever Grateful (published Jan 2014), and Comfort & Hope (published Nov 2014).

God bless you !

* * * * *

I also invite you to visit my website too!

* * * * *

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