Amazon Book Reviews for
FOREVER GRATEFUL by Christine V. Mitchell
(published January 2014)


Review by Sandra Stoner Mitchell (UK) on 8 Feb. 2014
I bought this lovely book because I needed something to help me through the pain of losing my dear mother. Her death has left me empty and desolate. Forever Grateful, written by Christine Mitchell, has something for everyone, for whatever occasion you need inspiration or hope or help with. It is a beautiful book, written with so much love, you can feel it in the words. There is a chapter on loss, and I read all the poems in it, and will again and again. I highly recommend this book, and believe anyone who buys it, will not be disappointed.

Inspirational, thought-provoking and a beautiful glorification of Christ

Review by Lara Halnon (UK) on 12 May 2014

I was given this book as a gift, and it is most certainly one of the loveliest gifts I have received. The poems are beautifully written, evoking emotions that bring feelings of a greater connection to our loving and great God. Some of the poems also include biblical references. One of my favourite poems from the book is There’s Hope. This poem reminded me of the affirmation that God is with me throughout all the problems life throws at me, inspiring hope that He will make all things right when I am trusting in him. Whenever I feel down, this will always be my go-to reading to uplift and comfort me, and remind me that I am not alone – He is always there. Reading the poems with my Mum was really emotional, and at points I really felt the words expressed how I feel for God, and my appreciation of how much better my life is since I came to know Him. Another poem we both really loved was Friend At All Times. This book is inspiring and encouraging, the author has been truly blessed with a gift which shines through the beautiful poetry. I would consider this as a perfect gift for someone, a blessing for any Christian for their walk with Christ.

My name is Beverly Gooden-Wilson and I am delighted to do this book review

Review by Mrs Livetta Wilson (UK) on 5 May 2015
My name is Beverly Gooden-Wilson and I am delighted to do this book review. Once I opened Christine’s book ‘Forever Grateful’, I could not put it down, I immediately marked all my favourite poems and passed on my congratulations to her for accomplishing such a great work. For that reason I did not hesitate to purchase her second book of poetry, ‘Comfort and Hope’. Once again I was not disappointed and I’ve been passing the word to others with great joy and pleasure. Thanks Christine! Keep on writing those beautiful thoughts; they are of great comfort in these troubled times. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family. Beverly

Five Stars
Review by D. Dean on 1 April 2015
Bought it for my wife who was looking for Christian poetry. Excellent

I Am Forever Grateful

Review by Wanda J. Burnside (USA) 18 May 2015– Published on Amazon.com
The talented author and prolific poet, Christine V. Mitchell, speaks from her experiences in life. Her poetry will capture your heart. You will feel safe in the arms of her poetic voice.

These poems will lift your hurting heart and carry you through sorrows. Christine leads you through those low valley experiences in life where you feel that you cannot make it. Her poems relates to painful situations. Hope is in these poems. You can hold your head up and believe that you will survive!Through her poetry, you learn that you are not alone nor forsaken by God. Christine assures you that He is presence in your tests and trials. You will become stronger and empowered to press on! Your life will change with each poem. Christine helps you to see that no matter what is happening in your life, God will bless you. Her poems will make you cry, but you will have a new heart that will become “Forever Grateful” that God came to be on your side! You’ll be “Forever Grateful” that you read this beautiful book written by Christine V. Mitchell! It is a wonderful book of lovely poems! I enjoyed it beyond any words can express.

Well-crafted, deeply meaningful poetry that will be enjoyed over and over. 2 Feb. 2015 Review by Mary Meadows – Published on Amazon.com
I bought this book several months ago and am still enjoying it. There is a wide variety of poems within its pages, so I never grow tired of reading and re-reading the beautiful lines. The writing is excellent and the tender spirit of the author is evident in every verse. For anyone who enjoys good Christian poetry, “Forever Grateful” is an excellent choice. It would also make a great gift, because the message within is never overbearing, but always gentle and humble. I think anyone could relate to this praise-filled poetry. It is so well-written.

Amazon Book Reviews for
COMFORT & HOPE  by Christine V. Mitchell
(published November 2014)

CH Kindle Cover

A Beautiful and Precious Book of Poetry
Review by Wanda J. Burnside (USA) on February 3, 2015
First Lady Christine V. Mitchell is a great poetic. She is filled with a deep faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Her love for Him is felt throughout this beautiful and anointed book of poetry. In each one of her poems, you will feel lifted, encouraged, refreshed, and comforted. She speaks tenderly to bring you strength and peace. Poetic/author Christine’s poems are so soothing and precious. It is like having a friendly and caring conversation with a dear friend. She shares the love and peace of God to give you deep assurance that He is there with you in your troubled times and always. You will be raptured in these poems. You will feel empowered to go on with God’s Spirit upon you. These poems will speak to your hurting and troubled heart to greatly bless you. I kept reading the poems. I found it very hard to put her book down. I cried and enjoyed First Lady Christine’s lovely and comforting poems. I LOVE THIS BOOK!

Christine’s beautiful poetry is inspirational and a delight to read

Review by Sandra Stoner Mitchell (UK) on July 26, 2015
Christine’s beautiful poetry is inspirational and a delight to read. Anyone needing reassurance will find it somewhere in the pages, be it for grief, sadness, or just knowing someone is truly there to listen when we need comfort. It would be impossible to close this book without feeling something wonderful has touched your heart. Christine’s belief in God, our Father, comes through with an innocence that is pure faith. I truly recommend this book.

Beautiful Medicinal & Healing Poetry By The Spirit

Review by Miss Patricia Malcolm (UK) on June 26, 2016
Christine’s book Comfort & Hope was a gift to me and one that will remain in my archives of special books. As a poet myself, I embraced her work with gratitude, appreciation and open arms. I have to say that it’s very evident that she is a very blessed, gifted and anointed writer who is used as a vessel to be used of God. These poems are medicinal, healing and really minister to the core of who we are. Never have I come across such potent, relieving and comforting words other than the Psalms in The Holy Bible. Please support the amazing work Christime is doing. You will indeed be very blessed such as I am. In summary, beautiful, blessed and a balm in Gilead. Keep up the incredible work Christine.

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