Jesus, My Joy


“My meditation of Him shall be sweet”
(Psalm 104: 34)
 ~ ~ ~

Dear Friends
I thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words of encouragement throughout 2015 and  likes of my poetry posts. It’s my joy to share the blessings of the Lord with you.
I pray that throughout 2016, abundant blessings will be yours and that the peace of God which passes all understanding shall sustain you, every passing day.
I pray that the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ may be magnified
and that the light of His glorious gospel may shine into many hearts.

~ ~ ~
God loves is an everlasting love,
forever shining, from heaven above
~ ~ ~

6 thoughts on “Jesus, My Joy

  1. “Jesus my joy, my reward………… 🎶 And all that I can say, is I love You, I love You, I love You…….”

    Christine do you know this glorious Christian song? As you can see I’ve forgotten some of the words. As I’m reading your sweetest poem, I can hear that song going on in my head, and it is giving me so much joy!

    It’s on one of my Terry Macalmon CDs … He sings it with this girl, I think her name is Shawna?? Oh Christine it’s beautiful, just like you poem!

    Thank you for making my day more lovely! Love you always Sandra xoxo 😘🕊

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  2. Dearest Christine!

    I love this! Love this!!

    How very sweet and precious.

    Thanks for sending it to me.

    Wanda J. Burnside, Founder and President, Since 1995 Write the Vision Ministries and Media Productions International

    Please order copies of my 14th book:


    ORDER HERE: (free delivery)

    Thank you,

    Write a REVIEW!

    Founder and Publisher, THE LAMP NEWSLETTER Current and Past issues online



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