My Peace

My Peace

A poem of comfort … based on the words of Jesus in John 14:27, John 16:33 and Matthew 28:20. Time is rolling along fast. Things are happening everywhere, just as the Lord forewarned. The darkness is increasing, but let’s arise and shine! Let’s hold onto the words of our Saviour, Jesus, the Prince of Peace, in this world of tribulation. Be encouraged, dear friend. He promised all who believe that He would never leave us or forsake us. Precious Lord .. fill our hearts with Your peace ~ Amen.
~ ~ ~
This poem, and many more poems of encouragement,
are published in my 2nd book of poetry
available from Amazon
(ISBN-10: 1500139696)
~ ~ ~


5 thoughts on “My Peace

  1. Really beautiful Christine … I always love to read your lovely words, somehow they always seem to just touch the right spot!! I’m sure all readers will say the same thing!

    Keep up your blessed good work! Much love Sandra xoxo😍

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  2. Christine,
    Your poetry is so anointed. I truly love to read your poems because they speak to the heart. They are beautiful. I feel comforted and assured of God’s love for me. Thank you for allowing His Spirit to flow through you. I AM BLESSED!

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