The Treasure Within

A poem of encouragement ~ ~ ~


Thank You Lord, precious Jesus, glorious Saviour.
You are more precious than silver or gold!

~ ~ ~

“Greater is He that is in you,
than he that is in the world”
(1 John 4:4b KJV)

~ ~ ~

2 thoughts on “The Treasure Within

  1. Oh Christine …

    I love this so much! And I love you so much too! … Always 💖 Such a beautiful encouraging poem… His joy, His peace, His love and grace excel all earthly things”

    Oh how true this is. I love these words an I will remember them as I go through my days with mum and all the other things I’m dealing with daily. THANK YOU 💘

    YOU are a treasure Christine! 💎 You and our sisters are all treasures to me! 💎💎💎 I love you Sandra 💙

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    • Aww.. thank you so much Sandra for your beautiful and kind compliments. It’s always so very encouraging to know that someone has been blessed by what the Lord has given to me, which has firstly blessed me too! Thank you so much … I love you too my precious sister. Praying for you, and the situation with your dear mum. Love and hugs! Christine xxx


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