Site Change Coming ..




Dear Friends

I hope and pray that you are well. It’s been a VERY busy year for me, yet again! I just wanted to write this short post to let you know of some changes taking place with my blog site.

FIRSTLY though …. can I say a big “THANK YOU” for visiting my blog and for your support over the years. I pray that the blessings of the Lord will be showered upon you.

I truly thank God for His precious love which continues to amaze and fill me with awe. His love continues to inspire me with more poems (and reflections too) and with a love and desire to share them, in the hope they will be a blessing.

But with even the very best of intentions, our plans often don’t work out the way we want do they? Or WHEN we want them to happen.  But that’s okay really – when we remember how God’s word says that “all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and them who are the called, according to his purpose”.

With all good intentions, I tried to have a separate blog to share inspirational reflections. As many of us can testify,  the  demands of life can be such that it’s difficult keeping up with things we plan. We just can’t have our hands in too many pies or be like an octopus! So…. with the thought in mind that I’d rather try to give more focused attention in few places than no attention in many, I intend to keep both my POETRY and REFLECTIONS here on this blog. Yes – by the grace of God, I’ll still be here!

However, this site name will soon be changingI will update you shortly with the details. You’ll still be able to locate this site should you use the current URL also.

Have a wonderful and blessed day … and I’ll write back soon!

Much love!

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