The EverlastIng Arms

In these challenging times, it’s a comfort to know that the Lord’s arms of love are extended to us. He wants to impart grace and strength always, knowing that “without Him (Jesus) we can do nothing” (John 15). Thank you Lord!

(This poem is from my forthcoming book, Candle of Hope, soon to be released, by God’s grace) 🌷🙏🏽🙏🏽

Published by

Christine V Mitchell

Christine is a poet and author and enjoys sharing her inspirational poems of faith, hope, comfort and encouragement. Her prayer is that you will be blessed and uplifted. She also shares her poetry on Facebook - christinespoetrycorner, and her website - See "Books" for details of Christine's poetry books ~ available from Amazon and other retailers. God bless you!

2 thoughts on “The EverlastIng Arms”

  1. Dear Christine, it’s so lovely to see your beautiful poem— “The Everlasting Arms” ….
    I love this title, it says it all. Yes, God’s arms are truly everlasting. 💗
    It’s really wonderful to see your book is marching forward! You will have it published in no time! It must feel so good to finally have enough time to yourself to get this lovely project ready to launch.
    “His words are words of life and peace “ Such a beautiful line 🙌🏼 — which I’m sure come from a place of all the experiences you’ve been going through. A deep understanding.
    I feel so proud of you getting back into it and I know it will be a beautiful book which will bless so many people. 🙌🏼
    Keep moving forward … you have so much to give! Sending love & blessings always, 🌷🌷🌷 Sandra xxx
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    1. Thank you so much Sandra for your kind and encouraging words! 🙏🏽 I truly give God thanks and praise. He has been with me all the way. I look forward to sharing much more, and to the publication of my next book by God’s grace. Love and blessings to you too … 🌷🌷 Christine


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